Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Information about your Personal Data

We are obliged to collect your data upon the placing of an order.

We will ask you for your email address and your address for invoicing and delivery. Only this will put us in a position to collect all information we need. The data is used to keep the processing of your order running smoothly and all information up-to-date.

Upon every order, our system stores your purchased items. You can check ordered items through your order number.

Special Promotions and Internal Processing of Data
Once you have registered for a special promotion or survey, we will again ask you to provide your data so as to be able to notify you.
If your data happen to be used for improving our service or for technical reasons, and so be passed to external companies, we guarantee the protection of all private data provided by our customers.

Handing Over Data to Third Parties
Design Living Co. Ltd. will not hand over your data to third parties for commercial reasons.
We consider strict confidentiality the basis of our business. In irregular intervals, we evaluate the quality of our services, but we will not send any contact data, however data relating to the purchases, such as items, quantities or turnover, to certified cooperation partners, which have the contractual obligation to meet the standards of data protection of Design Living co. Ltd.

Acceptance of Use of Data
Upon using the website, you declare your agreement as to the collection of data by: for Design Living co. Ltd.