Terms & Conditions

1.1 The following General Terms and Conditions (Terms) regulate the business relation between Design Living Co. Ltd. and the consumers and businesses making use of the products and services offered on the website of Design Living Co. Ltd. The Terms apply to the use of the website at www.D+Living.co.uk , and all this domain’s sub-domains. The version applicable at the time of conclusion of a contract shall apply.
1.2 In terms of our General Terms and Conditions, customers are individual persons to whom pursuit of commercial or self-employed objectives cannot be attributed when establishing a business relation with Design Living co.

§ 2 Conclusion of Contract

2.1 The "offers" contained on the website are a non-binding request to the customer to order from Design Living Co Ltd.
2.2 In submitting a completed online order form, the customer enters a binding agreement to a completed sales contract. Customers have the opportunity to re-check all of their details on a summary page before the final submission of their order. Upon receipt, Design Living Co. Ltd. will send the customer an order confirmation via email. This order confirmation confirms the acceptance of an order.
2.3 The contract contains the Terms and shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England.

§ 3 Prices and Payment

3.1 All prices displayed on the web shop include the legally prescribed value added tax of  country, from where the order has been placed. Fees for packaging and delivery are not included in the stated price and will be shown on a separately before the completion of the order. This ensure clear information on the total amount of purchase and delivery cost separately.
3.2 The invoice amounts including the freight and delivery charges for the ordered goods are prepaid upon placing order. Payable via credit card.

§ 4 Delivery and Shipping

4.1 The object of purchase will be delivered to the address provided by the customer. The costs for shipping and delivery of the ordered goods are shown at the online shop on your order.
4.3 If the customer requires a special form of delivery which exceeds the normal handling and shipping fees, the customer will be required to pay the additional costs.
4.4 Design Living Co. Ltd. always tries to meet the deadlines for delivery, which are however non-binding. You will be able to follow your order by order-confirmation number with our forwarder.
4.5 Design Living Ltd. is not liable for disruptions of dates of delivery if the manufacturer has not been able to meet dates of delivery due to a shortage of materials, Acts of God (accidents, strikes, breakdowns of production plants, etc.).
4.6 The buyer is responsible for the acceptance of the ordered goods within the delivery period as indicated by the forwarding service company. The forwarding service company delivers the goods to the first front door of the building or complex under the address provided by the customer. The driver of the forwarding service company is not required to deliver the goods to upper floors or directly into the buyer’s home.

§5 Revocation and Return

Consequences of revocation – right of revocation:

Damage discovered upon delivery;

If the packaging of the goods upon arrival have obvious damage, please take pictures of the packaging and hereafter open/look at the goods to check if the damage to packaging has caused damage to goods. If so, take additional picture hereof and ask forwarder to take goods back, by not signing the delivery note. Send the pictures along with order number to contact below and D+Living Co. Ltd. If damage is actual, Design Living Co. Ltd., Will arrange replacement of your goods. However, if no damage is determined, Design Living Co. will not bare the additional cost.

Damage discovered after delivery;

If the goods upon opening of packaging in your home seem to have damages, please take pictures of the damage and of the packaging and send along with order number to contact below. Design Living Co. Ltd. Will determine if damage if damage is real and make replacement of damaged goods free of charge. Pictures of damaged goods will have to be send within 14 days from receipt of goods in order to claim damage and get goods replaced.

Design Living Ltd.
Contact: Info

Email: info@dliving.co.uk


§ 6 Guarantee

6.1 Limited Guarantee
We grant a guarantee period of 3 years from date of purchase on all items.
Colour variations and reasonable variations in dimensions up to plus/minus 10% shall be deemed acceptable.
6.2 Exclusion of Guarantee
This guarantee does include the following aspects (exclusion of guarantee):
This “limited guarantee" does not apply to manuals and the packaging of single items. This “limited guarantee" does not apply to a) usual wear (including the wear of seats, surfaces or wooden parts), b) damages that have been caused by gross negligent (including all damages caused by sharp devices, by bending, pressing, or dropping, etc.) or c) defects or damages that have been caused by incorrect use (such as overstressing products that were intended for a smaller number of people, such as a couch being used by 4, while intended for 2 persons)  or d) other events that Design Living Co. Ltd. has no control of. This “limited guarantee" does not apply to defects or assumed defects incurred by using aggressive or unsuitable cleaning or maintenance agents, such as detergents used for cleaning chrome-plated products.
This “limited guarantee" does not apply in the event a product has been exposed to humidity or water or extreme or changing temperature or weather conditions, corrosion or oxidation, the spilling over of food or drinks or chemical substances.

§ 7 Transfer of Risk

7.1 The title of the goods is transferred to the buyer upon delivery to customer. The seller, Design Living co. Ltd., foregoes the reservation of title.

§ 8 Privacy Policy

8.1. Information about your Personal Data
We are obliged to collect your data upon the placing of an order.
We will ask you for your email address and your address for invoicing and delivery. Only this will put us in a position to collect all information we need. The data is used to keep the processing of your order running smoothly and all information up-to-date.
Upon every order, our system stores your purchased items. You can check ordered items through your order number.
8.2 Special Promotions and Internal Processing of Data
Once you have registered for a special promotion or survey, we will again ask you to provide your data so as to be able to notify you.
If your data happen to be used for improving our service or for technical reasons, and so be passed to external companies, we guarantee the protection of all private data provided by our customers.
8.3 Handing Over Data to Third Parties
Design Living Co. Ltd. will not hand over your data to third parties for commercial reasons.
We consider strict confidentiality the basis of our business. In irregular intervals, we evaluate the quality of our services, but we will not send any contact data, however data relating to the purchases, such as items, quantities or turnover, to certified cooperation partners, which have the contractual obligation to meet the standards of data protection of Design Living co. Ltd.
8.4 Acceptance of Use of Data
Upon using the website, you declare your agreement as to the collection of data by: www.dliving.co.uk for Design Living co. Ltd.

§ 9 Re-Selling

The buyers are obliged to check whether any re-selling of the ordered goods is legal within the boundaries of their jurisdiction. The buyers assume the sole responsibility.

§ 10 Place of Jurisdiction – Place of Performance

If the customer is a tradesman, a legal entity or special asset under public law, the contractual relationship is subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the courts responsible for the district where Design Living Co. Ltd. has its seat registered.

§ 11 Severability Clause

If any provisions of these General Terms and Conditions are or become invalid or unenforceable, this will not Affect the validity of the other provisions, unless the elimination of individual provisions discriminates either contract party, to such an unacceptable extent that the adherence to the contract becomes unacceptable.

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