What is a reproduction?

A reproduction is a full-scale replica of an existing product. We manufacture top quality reproductions of all the well known furniture designers of the past decades. We pride ourselves in using only the best materials for the production of our furniture. Even with our high quality standards, you can save up to 90% off the cost of originals.

Design Living has chosen only the best among the many replica manufacturers as only a few of the many actually reach our standards of quality.

We also produce a large product range to our own design in co-operation with  specialized manufacturers.

Is it legal to buy and import reproduction?

We exclusively sell high-quality products, whose 25-year copyright protection period under British law has either expired (which makes them freely reproducible and importable to other European countries) or which have never been subject to such copyright laws or similar licenses. We have our manufacturers produce exact replicas of notable pieces of furniture from different designers. Replica furniture does not mean you will have a poor reproduction of a classic piece. We rely on original dimensions, materials and manufacturing processes. The constant monitoring of our products and manufacturers using trained personnel helps exclude errors within the production process at an early stage and ensures a high and consistent quality level. We constantly monitor the entire process on production sites, even on other continents. Because our manufacturers’ plants and suppliers are located overseas, the lack of warehousing causes longer delivery times.

Why is the furniture so cheap, compared to the original's?

A much more interesting question is; why are the originals so expensive! One of the reasons is because the manufacturers have to pay a license fee to the designers, so that they can sell it as an original. Furthermore the process from factory to consumer is extremely long. After production the products go to an importer, then to a middleman, then to a regional distributor and at the end of the process it goes to a retail store where it can be sold. Since every company earns money in this long chain, it is not surprising that the price of the goods has to be multiplied many times before it reaches the customer. For us it is different: All the Design Living furniture is shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer. There are no. The advantage is therefore that the price is low but the quality is still very high – often even better than the original.

Can I receive the product faster?

Most products are unique and custom made for you and this service takes some time. Usually, we can deliver the desired product within 8-12 weeks. If this is too long, you can take a look in our category “products in stock”. Here you will find a large range of furniture, which is ready to be shipped. The general delivery time for these items is 8-12 days.

How long is the delivery if I order today?

The pieces of furniture and accessories that are not in stock are made individually for you and will take about 8-12 weeks. This gives you the great advantage for creating your own dream product.

Could a delay occur?
Yes, in rare cases there can be delays. Since there is a guarantee for 3 years, our quality control is very strict. We insist on delivering to you a perfect product and this can take a long time. If we are not satisfied with the quality, we tell our suppliers to make a new copy. This is the reason for most delays, since the production time takes up to 4-5 weeks.

How can I pay for the products?

In the D+Living online shop we offer you safe credit card transactions.

Can I order free material samples?

Of course! We would be happy to send you free material samples, so that you can see we use the best materials for our products. On the D+Living website in every product details you are able to order free material samples. Our tip: Is your friend also looking to buy a piece of furniture? Then enter his/her address too and we will also send him/her material samples and the current D+Living catalogue.

Are the pieces of furniture and accessories different from the pictures in the shop?

Because we use the best manufacturers to get you the best quality at the lowest prices you will save an enormous amount of money. In rare cases the product might differ minimally from the description and the picture in the online shop.

What happens if the wrong product is delivered or if damaged?

In both cases you must contact the customer support. Generally you have a 14 day return policy from the day you receive your product/products. If damaged it is surely due to transport as all products are checked in detail prior to shipping. If it is because you have received the wrong product, then we will of course make an exchange free of charge.

My piece of furniture was damaged during the transport. What now?

In general, when you receive the product, you should always check for transportation damages before signing for the delivery. If you suspect that the product is damaged in any way then please immediately report to the carrier and note it on the receipt if damage on the packaging and take a picture. If you can see damage direct on the goods, then refuse to accept it. We will deliver a new product as quickly as possible.

Can I see the D+Living products somewhere?

We have showrooms In Bangkok, Chicago and Dubai and we are planning to open a showroom London. We will inform you when the time comes and we will invite you to the opening ceremony.